Baby, It Was Cold Outside

After two consecutive flight cancellations due to insane weather patterns that are in no way the result of any kind of climate change, as weren’t the 149 mph winds in Australia, the largest snow storms and accumulations ever in NYC, Chicago, Texas (!!??) and elsewhere. No, of course not. And, don’t let the melting glaciers now wreaking havoc in Alaska, home of what’s her fuckin’ face, nor the fact that we just completed the warmest ten year span in history, worry you none. It’s all good. By the way, wanna buy a bridge while you’re not being worried or concerned about these developments?

But, I don’t wanna talk about that. What I wanna do is fill you in on the pilgrim’s progress. I just got back from the land of my birth, where I celebrated yet another birthday I am fortunate enough to have still been alive for, saw friends and family, well, a few of them anyway, for the main purpose of my trip was to get some more work done on the new Del-Lords album. Thanx to you all in advance for being so patient about all this, and thanx in advance for hanging in there with us while we get this baby ready for delivery.

We now have some seventeen songs to work from that I’ve either written or co-written, and we are looking at being out there playing, WITH the new record in tow, this Fall.

It was, as always, great to see Eric and Frank, as we, in the words of Bud Abbott to his little partner Costello, “went back to the rooming house to make plans for our future”. The plan is of course world domination because, as always, we like to aim high. But, a record that people really dig and lots of sweaty fully rocked audiences is what we will settle for. Modesty as always is our currency.

Last time I talked about Manny no longer being able to be part of the everyday doings of the band, as the awesome responsibilities of family and the good work he does in his civilian life have come to bear heavily upon him. So, it is with his spirit on our collective shoulder that we think we might have found a replacement for the Del-Lord duties Manny can no longer perform. It is a very talented old friend of whom I am referring and that is, as always, an important factor in how we do what the hell it is we do. I don’t wanna reveal any names at this point, just in case, you know. Don’t wanna jinx anything. But hopefully, by the next time you hear from me it will be settled, the contracts signed, the blood oath taken, and then we can all get a bite to eat.

Stay warm, Spring is coming, and we are not far behind.

4 thoughts on “BABY, IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE

  1. Great to hear that some new Del Lords music is on its way! I’m tired of buying reissues and repacked rock and roll records, John Fogerty and Dave Edmunds have nothing new coming out, the new country music sucks and I can’t afford satellite radio. Thanks for the updates Scott and keep on rockin’! By the way, how do you think your Yankees are going to fair in the AL East this year? My Padres, well…they’re the Padres.

  2. Glad to hear Scott! Been listening to Under Construction non – stop, and looking forward to some new stuff. Hope Roscoe gets to sing a few tracks.

    Hope to see you guys on tour as well – would love to see you here in Indy!

    Take care


  3. Can’t wait to see the band in NYC this fall. It’s going to be surreal.

    Have great memories of seeing the DLs tear it up at the LoneStar Roadhouse and the 9:30 in D.C. Also saw one of the last shows the band did — at a little club in Port Chester.

    Ready for round two, Scott…

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