A NEW YEAR (finally)

For me, 2009 was quite a roller coaster of a year. It started great, with the inauguration of Barack Obama, waned in the middle somewhat, picked up again with the reissue of the Del-Lords catalog, went nuclear with the Yankees 27th World Championship, and spiked with the beginnings of a new Del-Lords album, produced by Eric, and then, as seems to be the way of things, for me there was personal turmoil, heartbreak, sorrow, regret, etc. The Blues, we call it. And now, REBIRTH. 2010, a new year, and a full agenda including lots of Del-Lords doings. Time to take a deep breath, strap on the Strat, and get back to doing that thing I do. Man, am I fucking ready!

In a few weeks, I leave my California digs by the sea to return to the city of my birth, my beloved NYC, to start rehearsals for our little jaunt to Europe, as well as some more recording for the new record. In my head I’m already there. We’ve already gotten a half-dozen basic tracks done, and they sound GREAT. As always, whatever ideas I have upfrontfor specific arrangements & specific parts in my head, the band exceeds those expectations exponentially. Frank sounds greater than ever. The guitar parts Eric has come up with are fantastic, and unmistakably the Sound Of Roscoe. I’m so excited I can barely stand myself

We leave for Spain on the 23rd of February for two weeks of shows, and the dates will be posted here on the site as they become finalized.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop by to say hi, thank you to everyone for the comments and the encouragement. I will be back with updates shortly. Right now, I gotta get my ass in gear, as I’m on my way to reconnect with some old friends, AND to see, hear, AND maybe even meet the great Merle Haggard, who is playing in the area tonight. I’ll tell Hag you said hi.

5 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR (finally)

  1. Scott,
    Great to see you guys back again.
    i do hope you play not only Spain . that’s not a European tour.
    Also come to Holland….
    Right now I keep myself happy with oploads from some Swedish guy on you tube.
    ha have you seen ’em.? Judas kiss is the best, you guys look like a
    ” hairband” from the 80’s, too funny.

  2. Hope you have a safe, productive, and rockin’ trip, Scott! Hope the Spaniards know how fortuante they are to see the Del Lords live again!! Looking forward to the Lords bringing the rock show around the states soon (preferably Indy).

    Take care!

  3. Scott,
    Those Spaniards are lucky – first the Dictators and now the Del Lord’s are gracing their shores !! Anyway, it is GREAT to hear that you guys are back and rockin’, can’t wait to hear the results !!!

  4. Scott,

    I can’t believe the Lords are back, all 4 of you. Some of my favorite shows were seeing you guys at the 9:30 in DC and the Lonestar in NYC. I’ll bet that you’ll have the same great energy and songs, but a more “mature” sound. I bet you’ll all sing better, too (based on the solo stuff). Go get ’em in Spain and then schedule as many NYC shows as possible. I’ll bring my wife this time, maybe the kids, too…

  5. Happy the Delords are Back,Wish they never stopped Playing.Its hard to hear a great Rock N Roll Band anymore.Really love The New Song When the Drug’s Kick in.Keep up the great Music.

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