I’m gonna come right out and say it: There is action in the collective heart, mind, soul and music muscle of the Rock’n’Roll beast once and forever known as The Del-Lords. Not a cheap cash-in reunion featuring one or two original members and a couple of ringer hacks. Not a simple take-the-money-and-run, one-off, hour-long run through of past glories and quarter century old songs. Not something that will tarnish the work we’ve done, or cheapen the legacy we began decades ago, or re-configure  the music we’ve already made, or lower the gold standard the four of us hold as a sacred oath, not just the bond and trust between us and our fans, but most importantly, between ourselves. Eric Ambel, Frank Funaro, Manny Caiati and myself are the four Del-Lords, the only Del-Lords. Accept no substitute.

A new Del-Lords record. These are all new songs, featuring, you guessed it, two guitars, bass and drums, and a whole lot of vocalizing from one and all. We are not reinventing the Rock’n’Roll wheel, for it is round enough. Just some good solid pitching, alert defense, timely hitting and smart base running, as always. A combination that has worked since the damn thing was invented, and shows no sign of breaking down yet.

Eric is producing it, bringing with him, besides his lethal guitar & insider knowledge of the Devil’s rhythms, years of producing expertise, dark voodoo & Rock instincts, and a cracking whip to tame the new technology confronting our band for the first time.

Frank is manning the skins, of course. Who else? The answer: nobody. There has only ever been one drummer IN the Del-Lords, and there will only ever be one drummer FOR the Del-Lords. He may play for others & with others, but this is HIS band. We know how lucky we are.  Believe me.

And yes, Manny, too. The first person to ever dig my songs enough to throw his lot in with me, inspire and support me, and to change the status of my musical life from me to we. And, with “we”, you have a band. Manny has a style, both on bass, as well as vocally – born of a Rock’n’Roll heart, and years of assimilating the history of the art form, graduating with a B Major. That is, he majors in the B’s: Beatles, Bruce, Bob, Byrds, Beach Boys ,the Band, etc.

These are my brothers. Bound by shared experience that nothing can tear asunder. They have played and sung the hell out of my songs before and are about to do so again. Why am I so lucky, so blessed? I couldn’t even begin to guess. I stand before you, flawed, somewhat banged-up, but still standing, en point, & at the ready; willing and able to Rock’n’Roll all night. One more time.


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