Right For Jerry

Right from the get-go we understood the value of the demo process. It helps us attain a really good perspective on a song’s strengths, and possible flaws, as well as helping us save time/money once we hit the big studio, by knowing the songs inside and out before the clock (ka-ching!!) is running.

Jerry1   Jerry2b


Often there’s a certain magic in those demos that can never be reproduced (many have tried, most failed), and that magic remains locked forever inside those demos. Sometimes, we would have more songs, or takes of songs, and those “extra” tunes would float around seemingly forever without ever finding a home.


These collections, RIGHT FOR JERRY VOLS.1 & 2 (now, who out there knows the source of the title??) compile what is essentially a shadow history, a parallel road, to the Del-Lords’ main  event. You can start with Volume 1 and chronologically work your way through the history of The Del-Lords Mach 1. The two volumes stand as a summation of where we were at from 1982 – 1990. To the time machine, Mr. Peabody!

Available exclusively here and on Bandcamp.  CD’s available here June 6

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