The Del-Lords returned to American soil last Sunday, fresh (well, maybe not exactly fresh) from an eight-cities-in-nine-days tour of Spain. We covered quite a bit of Espana, to and fro, hither and yon. The tour, in a word, was great. The band played better and better as the tour went on. The band got closer and closer as the tour went on. We had a fantastic time on-stage and off. I really felt in moments, that no time had elapsed from the days when we did this everyday of our lives. The camaraderie was high, the laughs were deep and long, and the food, ah yes the food was fuckin’ great. To all those who have been following our posts on Facebook, you have seen all the food photos that Roscoe (the Scavullo of food photography) was posting. And now we are home. Let the diets commence.

The Spanish audiences were as enthusiastic about us as they are about their food, wine and cigarettes. Maybe even more so, if that is even possible. And, Javier, our Spanish brother who has been part of our family for over a decade, was with us. It would not have been the same, or even kosher (an odd choice of words considering the amount of various types of ham yours truly, the Bronx jewboy himself, managed to eat) without Javi. He’s a brother to us, and can work miracles when necessary. And, sometimes, when amps would give up the fight in the face of our onslaught, a miracle or two was required.

If there was a single highlight, and in truth there were many, it would have to be the Madrid show at El Sol. A packed, screaming, vibrating, rockin’ crowd helped us touch Heaven, or at least helped us see over the wall, in what was maybe the best show we have ever played. After that show I posted on Facebook, the old adage that on any given night some band is the best Rock’n’Roll band on the planet. I really believe that night it was us. I am in awe of my bandmates, as they played and sang better than ever, and Roscoe, every night, was blinding, psychedelic, soulful, and in a class of his own. Frank and Manny laid down a foundation that could have supported a 200 story tower of steel. And everyone sang like angels with the devil nipping at their heels. I know I smiled so hard, so often, that it felt like my face might just break.

And, this is just the beginning, the new beginning. We are knee deep in the recording of the first Del-Lords record in 20 years, and after a spectacular lunch at Pizza Gruppo on Ave. B, on Tuesday, Roscoe and I returned to work on the new disc. We will be knocking that thing out piece by piece, brick by brick, song by song over the next few months, with Scoe behind the board, and I am completely confident that it will be our best one so far.

So, in closing out here, I wanna thank Eric, Frank and Manny for their dedication and commitment to excellence, their undying friendship, their willingness & ability to play my songs better than anyone else ever could, and better than I would have any right to expect. We are back, we are strong, we are ready, willing and able to rock’n’roll all night.

the Del-Lords in Madrid 3.5.10

the Del-Lords in Madrid 3.5.10

7 thoughts on “BACK IN THE USA

  1. It was as great as Top Ten says. I was at the El Sol show in Madrid (funny name if you think about the weather that night) and the band brought back all the memories, the rock and roll, the melodies. So many great songs played, and so many others still to be rescued. Hope they don’t have to wait another couple of decades.

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart here, Scott.. I love the E.P., I bought already, it’s great! Can’t wait to hear the whole C.D. Sounds like a very special time with The Del Lords in Spain. Love all the pictures Eric took and shared, too! Hope you keep recording for years to come. Peace..& Rock & Roll!

  3. Keep it going, also love the EP (got 5 copies, one for WXRT of course) and let’s start the US tour. The time is right and the 4 piece is ready, let’s lock and load, be strong and steady!!!

  4. The EP sounds great. Can you put the whole album out on vinyl for us old timers? Thanks.

  5. There are five bands (Creedence, The Blasters, Dave Edmunds, Web Wilder and the Del Lords) that I literally listen to on a very consistant basis. When I first discovered the Del Lords back in ’84, I felt like rock and roll had been resurected and played like it was meant to be. Today, I google the Del Lords and much to my surprise and amazement, THEY ARE MAKING NEW MUSIC!! What a fucking awesome gift from the Rock and Roll Gods. Talk about an answer to my prayers.

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