2015, The Del-Lords are coming for you

Live Single, tour dates in the planning stages. Head over to the Top Ten Blog for the full scoop.


Help A Brother Out, Frank could use a hand.

Head over to the Top Ten Blog for the latest news.

Frank on the drums

Frank on the drums

Gigs:  The Del-Lords Trans-Atlantic 2013.  Underway now!


Gigs:  The Del-Lords are hitting the road!

Check out the Gigs Page for details.  Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Chicago and St. Louis this week!    Heading to Europe on October 25.

The Del-Lords Road Machine

Even more Del-Lords music!

The folks at Del-Lords official are proud to announce that in addition to our first new full length in 23 years, “Elvis Club”, we also have the 2 volume set “Right For Jerry” available here only for CD’s and at the Del-Lords Bandcamp site for downloads.  Read about “Right For Jerry” at the Top Ten Blog.  Please keep an eye on the Gigs page.  We are heading to the Americana Fest in Nashville with gigs on the way.  Then to the West Coast, then some NE dates around the CBGB’s Festival and out to the midwest before heading Overseas for a month starting Oct 15.

Elvis Club, Right For Jerry Volumes 1 & 2

Elvis Club, Right For Jerry Volumes 1 & 2

Del-Lords release “Elvis Club”

Official ‘release date’ for the record is May 14th and that day is today!  If you have a record store by you there’s a good chance they’ll have the record!

Official release date is here!

Official release date is here!

Del-Lords “Elvis Club” CD is here and shipping now.

Official ‘release date’ for the record is May 14th but we have the cd for you here now.

CD pre-orders available now here on the Store Page.

Special pre-order packages also available from GB Music

New Music from the Del-Lords!!

New Music from the Del-Lords!!

And you can listen to the whole thing and get it and a pdf of all the artwork at Del-Lords/Bandcamp!

“Elvis Club” somehow got scooped by iTunes and it’s out there early folks!

You can get it now here…
Elvis Club - The Del Lords




Video EPK for the Del-Lords “Elvis Club”

the new Del-Lords full length album “Elvis Club” to be released May 14th on GB Music.




Del-Lords “Elvis Club” is officially finished.

The new Del-Lords full length album “Elvis Club” will be released May 14th on GB Music.

Photo by David Godlis

Heads up Del-Lords fans.

Mixing on the new full length Del-Lords record titled “Elvis Club” is finished.  Plan is to release the record this fall on GB Music LTD.  We will also be releasing a 2 cd set of demos titled “Right For Jerry” parts I & II.  Stay tuned for more details




Merry Christmas Baby !


Yeah Man, The Band….

Del-Lords at Cowboy Technical in Brooklyn October, 2011 L to R: Frank Funaro, Scott Kempner, Michael DuClos & Eric Ambel

The Del-Lords have completed basic tracks for their upcoming record at Cowboy Technical Services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The band welcomes Michael DuClos to the fold.  Read up on the Top Ten Blog.






The Del-Lords-Turbo Rocked!

Back from a whirlwind 2 date festival romp in Spain.  Read more on the Top Ten Blog

The Del-Lords-Turbo Rock!

Info at Turbo Rock

U.S. Warm up date: “Elvis Club” at the Lakeside Lounge in NYC August 30 at 9pm.  No advance tickets.  Suggested donation $20 per person



The Del-Lords head to


Hello Friends,

we are starting to work on the second batch of tunes for our upcoming record.  We’d like to thank everyone who bought one of the limited copies of our “Under Construction EP”.   As we drag ourselves into the technological future we found a spot to place the 5 songs for listening or purchase as downloads.  Check out the Del-Lords at Bandcamp.

Frank Funaro at Cowboy Technical Services, Del-Lords sessions

Thanks for the great 2010

The Del-Lords had a great 2010 thanks to all of you.  New recorded music and the first shows in 20 years. More music and shows to come in 2011.  Thanks much.

The Del-Lords at El Sol in Madrid 2010

More News: New Music from the Del-Lords.

The Del-Lords are pleased to announce Under Construction.

You can listen to the whole limited edition EP of rough mixes from the first new Del-Lords recordings in 20 years on the Music page.  Available here exclusively.

Spanish Tour T-Shirts.

We have a limited quantity of T-shirts from the Spain Tour.  They will be available on the music page starting March 22.  Below is a photo of Alison Jones, bass player for Spanking Charlene and the Roscoe Trio, in the red 100% cotton Del-Lords T-shirt.

Alison Jones in the Del-Lords T

Del-Lords Spanish tour dates are in.

Check the Gigs page for the latest info on the 2010 Tour of Spain.

Official Del Lords Tour Poster

Merry Christmas from the Del-Lords

Way back when the Del-Lords invited ace musicologist Andy Shernoff up to their little practice room/clubhouse/studio on 8th Avenue to help them record a Christmas song that Scott had written. They dubbed 200 of them to cassette and stuffed them in envelopes that went to friends, fans and family pretty much in lieu of gifts for that year. This holiday season the Del-Lords would like to pass that gift along to all of you.

Here’s the News

Welcome to the new Del-Lords Website.  26 Years after they began in NYC The Del-Lords have begun work on new recordings.  Their first 4 albums have been re-released by Collector’s Choice-American Beat with bonus tracks and expanded liner notes.  Check out the site for more detailed info and hit the Top Ten Blog for the latest.

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